Bt vision tv guide not updating


Loved the box and App before the supposed 'upgrade' (cough, cough) I only wish they had told us what was in the 'supposed upgrade' which was clearly an utter out and out downgrade!The App is now absolutely useless as it will not let iphones/ipads etc pair with the box anymore, so whats the point?- Started watching a show on demand on your set top box?Pick up where you left off via the 'Continue Watching' feature.- Watch channels and programmes on upto two devices at the same time.We’ve also made some general improvements to the overall usability of the app.Keep your eye out for more updates in the coming months!These shortcuts are a great way to speed up navigating the guide.

If I could give no stars whatsoever I would, in fact I'd give them a minus!I have been all over the net looking for an answer but it seems that most other Humax box users have been similarly disgracefully treated and there is no way anymore to use the App, nor anyway to 'downgrade' to the perfectly working App as it was, which I would be more, more than happy to do.Cynic that I have become, could it be that when I thought I was upgrading and found that 'youview' had suddenly turned into BTTV, whom also wanted to charge me to use their App had something to do with this?The You View set-top box is one of the most advanced around at the moment, especially in the way it seamlessly integrates catch-up TV services into its guide.However, there are lots of extra hidden tricks that you can use to access cool features or speed up the way you move around its menus. Tip 1: Find more episodes of the show you're watching When browsing the guide there's an easy way to find more episodes of the show that you're currently watching.Connecting the app to your You View box:• Download the App to your i Phone or i Pad from the App Store• Make sure your TV and You View set-top box are switched on, and your i Phone or i Pad is connected to the same network• Press ‘Connect’ and your App will search for your You View box• When your You View box is found simply hit ‘Next’.

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