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The duo had broken into the house of Marlene Stott, and taken jewellery given to her by her now-deceased parents, as well as a swimming medal that once belonged to her mother.

After the arrest, her father sent her a text message telling her not to feel “guilty”.“Thanks Cora but I still love u n don’t feel guilty at the end of it all u wont see me agen now but ill always love u n pls don’t feel guilty just keep this text right bye cora x”Colin and Janine Patterson were sentenced before Bolton Crown Court.

Cora Patterson, who is five months pregnant, came across a video which had been circulating on Facebook.

It asked for help in identifying the two people who burgled a house in which jewellery and a swimming medal went missing.

It’s a subtle reframing that could have a major impact on how we think about sexual assault long-term, and I, for one, have been self-high-fiving myself raw all day. You just ask yourself: Did this person say, with their body language or their words, that they want to have sex with me? And if you have any doubt whatsoever, DO NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT PERSON.

It was his first grandchild and he told me it would be a fresh start for him.“Less than a month later, I spotted him on CCTV burgling a family home.“I felt so angry and ashamed and I posted their names and details on Facebook.

† Reminder: Just because they consent to kissing you doesn’t mean they consent to other stuff!

Yes, you have to continually pay attention and reevaluate your partner’s consent (as they do yours!

Your nieces and nephews are made much cooler by your presence and your teachings, and they're definitely grateful for it.

The state of California passed a groundbreaking bill this week that redefines the standard of sexual consent from "no means no" to "yes means yes." The bill shifts the burden of proof, in internal campus investigations only, away from traumatized victims (asking, "Did you say no? ") and on to alleged perpetrators (asking, "Did she say yes? On a personal level, it might not sound super sexy, but trust me—this is BASICALLY SEX CHRISTMAS. Not just because you might get in trouble for sexual assault, but because—presumably—you respect and care about your partner.

The women in my family insist that I translated in those years, that I was the song between Tía Dora and the nurse who came to our apartment in Jersey, that at the age of five and six and seven, I danced from English to Spanish and Spanglish and back again, following the music of questions about what hurts and does it hurt here and tell me about your bowel movements. I was twenty-five and I had been dialing her number since I was ten. “What your mother is suffering—”And then my memory blurs. Tía Dora spent three months in the hospital that year, because after twenty years of silence, the kissing disease had returned. A woman from Colombia told me recently that this whole notion of not speaking is a very Indian concept in my mother’s country. A person has to know a thing well enough to hate it.

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