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We refuse the facile pigeonholing of the culture wars.The culture warriors tell us the fundamental issue is about "worldviews." They're right about that; I'm just not so certain theirs is all that Biblical.If not, how do we, for instance, explain the shameful legacy of overt racism among socially conservative faith traditions? The mission of Boundless is to build strong foundations for marriage, parenting and Christian service by providing young adults with a Biblical vision for the single years rooted in sexual purity, Christian community, and stewardship of gifts and talents.If there is a "sola cultura" that can be found among conservatives, does it become legitimate simply on the basis of passing lip service given to Biblical authority (Mark 7:6-7)? Granted, I personally of know Christians that embrace some or all of these attitudes.I'm surprised you chose this controversy to comment on rather than the controversy over Rick Warren's invitation to pray at the inauguration.I'm not asking you to add to the uproar over who's praying where, but it would be more in line with your mission statement, as I understand it, if you had chosen a topic like the Warren issue.To others, the connotation is arguably more political or social in nature (we might call "cultural Christianity").

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I submit that "ministries" such as Boundless have no real value except for a segment of Christendom that has grown up in a certain sociocultural context.Somebody might assume that I have a personal ax to grind against its staff members. The folks at Boundless are not the only the ones who have been the subject of my criticisms.Moreover, Boundless has indeed presented some material that I can heartily agree with as a Christian. The problem is that even though a stopped clock is right twice a day, it's still a stopped clock.Let me say, however, that it's one thing to parade these attitudes on a personal blog or a blog that is focused on social and political issues.It's quite another to do it under the auspices of a "ministry" to young adults.Now that the economy is in the doldrums, the bread-and-circus crowd must worry about their next paycheck and not so much about blowing up "dem Ayrabs." All the palace prophets that enjoyed their strut across the public stage for the last eight years or so have been sidelined to a considerable degree.

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