Blogger recent comments not updating


I managed to get back to the UI and uninstall the data for that module.

Volia, my Disqus finally appeared on my blog pages.

Yes I have checked all of the nodes, and have gone through the process of disabling all of the non core modules. I got it working everywhere except for my Articles! Step3: Go to and enter shortname you have entered in Disqus site Step4: Under "Visibility" choose prefered Node Type as well as under "Location" choose Content and hit "Save Configuration" Step5: Go to Step6: Enable access to "View Disqus comments" for anonymous/authenticate users. Thanks for all the pointers everyone, but I'm afraid something's still wrong.

Step1: Go to Step2: Under "Visibility" Location should be set as "Injected Variable" Step3: And then go to php or php of your theme and paste the following code at your desired location @Inifnitee Hope this helps you Step1: Create Disqus account and add your site with correct site url, name and enter prefered shotname Step2: Upload Drupal Disqus module & enable it. In case if you are using custome theme/php, you may have to enter following code.

If I enabled that module, clear cache, Disqus does not load, I can reproduce this every time.A couple of days later I had the same problem with another module (twitter_profile_widget), so I looked up again.I solved my non-visible modules with a simple solution: I picked up all js references in my html and putted that at the top of the page, in the head-section. FWW, I just went through several hours of troubleshooting why Disqus would not appear on my D7 site.What's weird is that when I changed the "Location" from "Content Area" to "Block", it even worked with Display Suite without any hiccups whatsoever (, #10).2) After changing the "Location" from "Content Area" to "Block", "Verify Installation" at the Disqus website always passes, even if I uncheck everything under "Node Types".My steps were that I tried most suggestions on this page first about Drupal [original] comment permissions, rendering the code directly, yada yada. I then focused on caching but for the time being, I disabled the core Drupal comments module, I figured, I'd want to migrate my old comments over to disqus anyway eventually and I'd do that on my local dev, no need to risk anything like that on live.

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