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That saves you the hassle of keep coming back to our site each week to check what the dates are...

Speed Dating is rapidly gaining in popularity not just here in Brisbane, but all over Australia.

The period following Enema of the State saw the band experience great transition."We had gone from playing small clubs and sleeping on people's floors to headlining amphitheaters and staying in five-star hotels," recalled Hoppus in 2013."After years of hard work, promotion, and nonstop touring, people knew who we were, and listened to what we were saying ...The title is a tongue-in-cheek pun on male masturbation ("take off your pants and jack it").The cover art has icons for each member of the trio: an airplane ("take off"), a pair of pants, and a scared the shit out of us." The band was rushed into recording the follow-up, as according to De Longe, "the president of MCA was penalizing us an obscene amount of money because our record wasn't going to be out in time for them to make their quarterly revenue statements.

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