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The links to the files are shown in red and will open in a new tab/window.To view larger format pictures, just click on the thumbnails.Please note that this section is a work in progress and new entries will be added or updated from time to time.Machines marked with * are no longer in the collection.Major cosmetic treatments such as re-painting are absolutely out of the question, as such actions would ruin not only the original fabric, but also erase the item’s history.Should you be interested in owning such a piece of history, Rudolf can supply fully restored machines to suit your requirements.If you're just learning how to sew, the most important quality you need in a sewing machine is ease of use.Although a machine with lots of features may seem exciting, it can be overwhelming when you're still learning sewing techniques.

If you're a beginner, the following sewing machines from Bernina may be just what you need: If you've been sewing for several years, you may be interested in a machine that can handle heavier fabric and larger projects.

By means of observation and the study of how these marvels of engineering actually function, Rudolf has taught himself to restore apparent wrecks to working condition.

His approach to restoration is to repair only as much as is required for safe, reliable operation and to merely polish up the rest.

This highlights the beautiful patina in the original painted and metallic surfaces.

Parts that are missing are replaced with similar original spares or made up in a manner sympathetic to the machine.

You might even find your nan’s old machine tucked away and forgotten about somewhere.

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