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Srila Prabhupada left us with a dynamic legacy in his books, through his devotees, in the development of his communities, and in his teachings of how to expertly apply Krishna consciousness of his communities, and in his teachings of how to expertly apply Krishna consciousness in every situation.If we simply use our intelligence to claim our relationship with Prabhupada by practicing Krishna consciousness in the mood in which he taught it, we will inherit the most wonderful relation...It begins when we are infants and learn that a shrill cry can get you immediate attention. They can elevate one’s consciousness, even the consciousness of one habituated to low thoughts.And people who go to holy places—Mayapur, Vrindavan, Jagannath Puri—can immediately feel the difference.

New people and potential devotees should, as far as possible, be brought into the loop, their details taken and follow-ups commissioned. We have got the greatest service in the world, all of us – to get the temperature back ...Kshudhi felt the cold metal against his skull and chanted Hare Krishna like never before.His nimble nineteenyear old body was tucked under the bed. They attacked the house knowing that a Johannesburg vegetable merchant had kept cash there, but were they ready to kill for it?No consideration of who’s who – off the bodily platform. One of the aims of ISKCON is to teach and thus also lead by example “a simpler and more natural way of life.” This does not imply that immediately one has to pack up one’s luggage for a life on the farm.But definitely one can begin making preparations for that while b...As Srila Prabhupada said, we have to fan the fire and cause it to burn.... By Vrndavanlila Devi Dasi There have been several recorded occasions when Srila Prabhupada instructed his disciples to plant and grow different food items for the Lord, sometimes flowers, vegetables and other times fruits according to the situation.

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