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Because of these complexities, many companies are unable to keep all paperwork in line.As we will explore in the coming pages, stock option backdating is anything but a straightforward issue.Financial economists held that agents or managers are effort-adverse (Jensen and Meckling 1976; Jensen and Murphy 1990), and rewards, such as stock options tied to performance, are required to provide executives the incentive to supply effort, but more specifically, to supply effort which is consistent with the interest of stockholders.while completing my Masters of Science in Accounting & Taxation at the University of Hartford.

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The penetration of stock option backdating is significant.

Background American stock options are a type of derivative contract that gives the holder the right to buy or company stock at a set price (strike price) during a specified period..

Employee stock options are offered as compensation in two different ways.

When illegal backdating practices lead to negative actions, the shareholders suffer in many ways.

Companies will lose top talent, individuals who are key to the company’s growth and success.

An executive stock option (ESO) is an option to buy common stock of a company, generally issued as a form of non-cash compensation.

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