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There was never anything else – I always wanted to perform.

Although when I was about five I wanted to be a vet.

The contestants have to pick their date based solely on the way they look, without getting to talk to them.

They can reject as many people as they like before picking someone but they have to say why they’ve turned them down.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, she shared: "We definitely would love to get married, we're together because we do really genuinely care for each other.

"We've not even been going two years and we've both got children, so we're just being really sensible and boring and we just want to take it slowly." Stacey - who has kids Leighton, five, and Zachary, nine, with previous partners - admitted that for the time being, she's in no rush to get married.

Stacey, who is dating Joe Swash, has openly spoken about her wishes to have more children in the future.Stacey explained that she had no idea what she was going through at the time, but noticed she had felt "really low". She managed to help Stacey through post-natal depression, prompting the 27 year old to count herself "lucky" to have had her parents around her at the time."I didn't feel like I could relate to my child, which I found really difficult to comprehend as I thought I'd immediately be in love with my child." Stacey continued: "That really overwhelmed me and made me feel like a terrible mother, but I didn't know that I was going through any kind of depression.While Joe had joked on Loose Women in October: "It makes me sweat when she talks about babies." Although, the former East Enders actor did add: "But definitely babies, that's a good idea." When asked if it bothers them that Stacey already has two kids from previous relationships, Joe said: "Of course not, I have a child who is nine with someone else.(and in JLS too, sob) may be behind him, but that doesn't mean he doesn't keep up with the juggernaut Saturday night show.As teenagers growing up in Dagenham, Essex, my friends and I just used to go round to each other’s houses rather than to nightclubs.

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