Arquette currently dating entertainment tonight christina mclarty


US Weekly is reporting that Courteney Cox is dating her “Cougar Town” co-star Brian Van Holt.An insider says, “They’ve been going out for about six months,” and adds that Cox is now comfortable taking her relationship out in the open because her ex-husband David Arquette is dating someone as well.Maybe Courteney Cox and David Arquette could have a double wedding.Within a week of "Cougar Town's" Cox announcing that she's engaged to Snow Patrol musician Johnny Mc Daid, her ex-husband, Arquette, has special news of his own: he's now engaged to Christina Mc Larty. Courteney Cox and David Arquette may not be getting back together (both have moved on), but David is ready to say that he and Courteney are definitely remaining friends.Even though it's still painful for them, they're there for each other, especially with Courteney cheering him on from the audience on Honesty is always the best option.While a little part of us is sad about the fact that David and Court won't be getting back together, it's really nice to see a Hollywood couple be so mature about their relationship.

TVLine reports that the actors are reportedly developing a sitcom together.Well, recently she is working as an actress and also as a host of many popular shows.She is also one of the richest personalities, because of her luxurious and lavish lifestyle.She is the one of the lucky lady and also the actress as well, but she became famous after getting married to famous actor David Arquette.Mc Larty holds the American nationality but is of the Mexican-American ethnicity.The “Friends”-esque comedy series “explores the ups and downs of relationships across a group of friends, spanning 10 years,” according to sources.

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