Are emily and daniel from revenge dating in real life


In Season 3, he got shot by Lyndon James after finding Emily and Lyndon in the lighthouse at the Lighthouse Rock Inn, but he has recovered since.Caleb was given up by his mother, Claudia Dawson, when he was five years old, leading him to live in different foster care homes and with different foster parents.

Eventually, Aria and Hanna realize that their pursuer is Caleb, who has been sleeping at the school, having been abandoned by both his biological and foster parents.Caleb claims architects don't use crappy pens, which Mr.Leland uses to sign some form that Ashley presents him for the bank.She holds her hand over his mouth so he won't make noise and she makes this awkward situation even worse when he catches her sneaking a peek when he turns around.After that incident, Caleb is being bushed off by Hanna as much as possible.But because of this they broke up but she eventually forgives him and they get back together again in Season 2.

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