Are amber and brett still dating


Heard, 31, filed for divorce in May 2016 and accused Depp of domestic abuse resulting in a nasty court battle last year.

Depp eventually agreed to pay his ex a million settlement.

But I cannot accept this as anything other than a woman showing off her body, lovely as it is.

Or her pubic hair, which has clearly benefitted from a Tangle Teezer and Moroccan Oil. She is a tough old bird, happy to use what she has to earn what she needs. Her naked body is not reclaiming the word ‘slut’ or enabling women to feel empowered, although they may feel emboldened enough to do the #amberrosechallenge, and post a naked picture of themselves as well. Exposing yourself online, even if you have not spread your legs or shown your vagina, is not empowerment.

In their counterclaim TMG allege that Depp's spending has been out of control and he's spent much of his fortune - he earned 0 million over the last 13 years - on extravagant purchases.

While his lawyers deal with the complicated case, Depp is currently in Paris to promote Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge.

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Amber says it’s ‘empowering’, a defiant slice of Slutwalk to reclaim the naked female body for feminists. In this fine age of equality, it is risky to suggest some feminists are more equal than others but I’m sorry: a white militant transsexual sporting a surgically attached black man’s penis and Katy Perry hair – without irony – is top of the pile.)As far as lying about on a stairwell with your lady-garden coiffured to perfection goes, I am minded to applaud the attitude of Amber Rose-Bush.

I wish more women were as relaxed as her, and less vaginally retentive.

‘I just loved him so much and gave him a beautiful son. It will embolden many extroverts to join together, hold up posters about the strength of their lady trumpets, and appear as sexually intimidating as possible.(My friend’s man-snake shriveled to a cocktail sausage when he saw them; they are the sexual equivalent of an epi-pen for Viagra overdose.)Their appearance will provide some shock value to outsiders, which will make the insiders feel special, as if they are part of a club, as if they belong. There is real value in making people feel better about themselves, or feel happy in each others’ company for a day. And then, truly, you will be a queen amongst women.

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