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The Mother, the Father, the Sister, The Brother, the banker, the gas attendant, the doctor, the judge, the congressman/woman, the electrician, the prisoner, the police officer… Denying your needs and dreams will not make it faster or slower to happen. God called Esther to save Israel by using her favor with her husband.

Those who are taken will be taken as they live their lives. Pausing your life will not make it happen quicker or slower. Keep living, keep working, keep doing while we await that Day in anticipation of the fulfilment of the Adoption. Esther was placed in the palace of Israel’s captors.

His (God’s) promise (also His bond of Word, spoken to His people) is greater than His (God’s) reputation (a person’s authority and character and reputation are all found in their name. His name = His reputation, His character, and His authority. You acted in good faith, with good intentions, for the good of the person.

All of these things can be defined by His name.)At least, that is how I understand the Psalm. Red I recently informed a pastor that a post he shared on social media critiquing Obama included false information. I'm really afraid that he's upset and took offense to me correcting him, because I'm only 17. The fact that the other person was a pastor doesn’t matter. Would your grandma hold a grudge for you correcting false information?

In Jewish and Christian teaching, David was not just a king, or a poet, but also a prophet because of his relationship with God.

Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, and felt so guilty that he returned the money after Jesus’s death, and committed suicide. Judas never was granted forgiveness for his actions. He was a child, dealing with a faith he didn’t really know. Several years later, that calling was recognized and made a reality.

He had gotten out of the Church, and had run as far away from God’s calling as he could go, but one night God got a hold of this man, and changed his understanding.

He was able to preach the Gospel one last time, before God called him home, held up between his grandsons.

If God has chosen for you to do something, then you will do it.

As an aside, I recently disagreed with my pastor about a local gun law.

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