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Competitors sprung up and production of toilet paper doubled between 19. Small pieces of wood would often be embedded in the paper, making for an occasionally shocking surprise.Such was the success of the toilet paper industry that it helped Green Bay avoid the worst effects of the Great Depression. Toilet paper, like most paper of the time, was made from wood chips. Nearly 400 years on Gargantua’s foul pronouncement on paper wipes— “shall at his ballocks leave some chips”—was ringing true.” which, despite his abject scaremongering, did not seem entirely hyperbolic.Yet toilet paper was still a niche product, reserved for the rich or hemorrhoidal.Humans have embraced a wider array of tools for this unpleasant task.

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Whatever the case, in 1901, Northern Paper Mills of Green Bay issued the first “sanitary tissue” called Northern Tissue.“Many people have wooed their own destruction, physical and mental, by neglecting to pay attention to ordinary matters,” read his broadside advertisements.He warned that printed paper contained “Oil of Vitriol” and” Chloride of Lime” and other “fearful poisons” and declared that improvised toilet papers introduced “rank poison to tender portions of the body.” Gayetty’s medicated paper was, by contrast, made to be “pure as snow.” He thus declared his product “the greatest necessity of the age!Each pack had 1,000 sheets of 4x10 inch paper that were pierced with a wire loop to hang from a nail.The product was such a success that by 1920 Northern Paper Mills was the world’s largest producer of bath tissue.assholes on a daily basis than Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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