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This one was actually quite easy to follow, and we descended down the ridge and moved into the valley.At some point our path merged with an old truck/tractor road from one of the plantations and the road evened out more.Usually the paths I walk in Baining country have trees and tree roots that offer some traction on the incline. Martin asked if I wanted to try it, and I asked if there was another route. A short while along we came to the next path and it looked somewhat better to me, so I started to venture down.Only about six steps down I slipped and fell onto my back, with my head heading downhill and my legs sprawled around. Martin helped haul me up and we moved on to a third path.

On Monday I decided to visit Kolopom Primary School.Pisin still maintains many German words that were incorporated in these early days.After the Germans lost their colonies (at the end of World War I), many Australians took over the plantations.We walked and walked through pretty deep forest until we came to the edge of one of the plantations.These plantations were cleared and planted over a hundred years ago by German colonists, who conscripted local labor to clear the forest and build the roads.Many students do not cross this river when it is flooded.

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