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"They really manhandle you before you go on that plane if you struggle with them.” Campaigners say charter flights are designed to hide the violent and brutal reality of removals from the public.If her mother is deported, Ruth said she does not know what the Home Office intends to do with her brothers.

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“He has to go to hospital appointments every month. “Every single day I have to remind him, in addition to having my own three kids as well. Without a strong role model, Sophia and Ruth both said they feared he could turn to drink, drugs, or become involved with gangs. Sophia told “As a mother, no words can describe how I feel being stuck in this prison as my kids need me more than ever," she said.

"Why are they punishing my family for something minor I did as a troubled kid?

They are tearing families apart.” Because she is not an asylum seeker, Sophia had no access to legal aid and could not afford a solicitor to take on her immigration case for several months.

In 2010, Jimmy Mubenga died during deportation to Angola, after being restrained by guards on a British Airways flight.

Sofia said she was extremely frightened by the threat of violence from male guards.

But five days after she was released last year, she was snatched by police acting on behalf of the Home Office and taken to Yarl's Wood.

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