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Are there any improvements you would make on these devices? To answer this question you need to define the four types of resistance listed. Constant Resistance Refers to a type resistance that does not change during the course of the exercise.

This applies to free weights and machines with round pulleys. Variable Resistance Devices that use variable resistance are designed to make the amount of weight increase or decrease during an exercise movement.

So at the top where force is high and velocity is low, it is considered maximal strength.

As you work down the graph, strength-speed is next.

Then you will fill the table with fifteen types of exercise equipment.

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So instead of benching with high weight and slow velocity (maximal strength), or low weight with fast velocity (speed), you can work in the middle of the graph and accelerate the bar in both the lowering and raising phases of the movement.Several people have asked why you would ever need the band pegs or chains to do your everyday squat or bench.In this post, I cover what accommodating resistance is and the benefits of using this form of training.NIFS has recently updated the weight room, including seven new half racks.Each rack has lower band pegs, and almost all of the racks have chains on the hooks at the top of the rack.Utilizing this type of resistance involves either pushing or pulling on an immovable apparatus.

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