Abledating v 2 4


Did the fonction of seen other user on map work now?Did you new script support most recent php then 5.3(maybe 7)?this would improve chameleons a lot and would help to become the best software in the world, which of course they want to be. it would be 5 if they had like 5 more templates at least. As a social network developer, I've worked with some large and small companies as well as created some of my own networks.I've created everything from basic social networks for communities all the way to large networks for schools and global communities.So far I have found a few bugs in the software and they were dealt with pretty fast.It is a unfortunate however that there is no User Manual available that outlines the majority of features available in the software especially for the Admin section, when running into something you dont quite understand a ticket has to be submitted where this could have been explained in such a manual.

Takes a little getting used to using the admin section and it could probably be laid out a bit better.But if you want a simple website with just HTML pages you could probably use another script, like Ska Date or PHPFox. but about the support it's another storry, if you leave negative feed back ,they will ban your site and denied support... jsut read this, it's a real conversation with they support and in the case the pretend im a competitor...jsut contact me directly on facebook, you see my name in the text.. Conversation Marc Baril Posted On: AM Hi apparently i got some trouble with my backup. Also, I seen that your new script support apple app?IMPORTANT: Do not create additional tickets, just reply to this one, if the subject is the same.Please check our Knowledgebase if you have more questions: (hidden) If you have ideas about new features that Chameleon should have, please submit them on a special forum: (hidden) Source: (hidden) ###IF YOU GOT THIS BY EMAIL PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL. They told that you can't leave a feedback on their product...basically I think that is why it is called chameleon in the first place.

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