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Thank you very much for your ideas I am making a meal planner as I type this with all your fab ideas.I've got a bolognese in the slow cooker at the moment (i am a slowcooker queen...my husband likes big portions (dont they all) but instead of giving him extra now he tends to eat the leftovers which suits him fine!

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Mushroom stroganoff : I fry a chopped onion, lightly fry chopped mushrooms, then either add a packet white sauce or I personally make my own with milk and cornflour. Cook in oven say 180 C or gas mark 6 for about three quarters hour. Lightly slice and fry the spam, fry egg and add chips.any pasta dish can be very cheap and filling Our fave is maccarroni cheese Just pasta cheese sauce and a tin of sweetcorn mixed in for a bit of veg or a tin of cheap pasta sauce with chopped ham, sweetcorn and onions Baked potatoes (most supermarkets do 4 for 50p or 60p) with fillings.I love just beams and cheese with mine and that can be really cheap as you danger value beans for 19p a tin if you need too.I would make everything in a slowcooker if I could, lol) only had about 600g of mince to feed 5 of us, but instead of going out and buying another pack of mince, I put an extra tin of toms in, an extra onion and very finely chopped 3 large carrots to bulk it out (also adds to our five-a-day!) Please keep your ideas comming to help me fill my monthly meal planner, Hopefully this time in six (ish) months i'll be sat in France drinking french wine and eating Escargot (snails) eeuugghh on second thoughts....maybe not...lol!now I do buy value stuff anyway so it's a case of what I can make with value stuff thats really really cheap, please help, I know you're all really good at this sort of thing.

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