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Con este metodo comprobado podras entender, hablar y hasta escribir en espanol en tan solo 100 dias!

Te invitamos a unirte a las casi un millon de personas que han aprendido una segunda lengua con el exitoso metodo de 100 dias.

Sadly I had to turn down subsequent contracts as I needed to put food on the table and clothe the kids, and writing for radio and television paid immediately. I’ve written three full memoirs to get it all down on paper, but briefly, I was born in Dublin, dragged up in the south of England and finished off in college in the north of England. A failed audition at the drama department of the South African Broadcasting Corporation, when I was told I wasn’t much good as an actress but to go home and write. I’ll chat about the Amie series where I take a young girl away from her cozy home in London and plant her in an African country she’d never heard of and then I conjure up a civil war.Moved around the UK then took off for Libya, and several other African countries. I did and I won the playwright of the year award – which was pretty amazing as my Ex had retrieved the mss from the rubbish, covered in spaghetti and I’d had to insert all the letter ‘n’s by hand as the n had fallen off the typewriter. I’m pretty mean to her, but she obviously survives as she appears in books 2, 3 and 4.Organizado por secciones concisas y faciles de entender, obtienes: - 50 unidades de facil entendimiento.- Los vocablos y expresiones mas frecuentemente usados en Espana y America Latina.Cons – hard work, hours and hours of it, no back up team, difficulty getting into bookshops and libraries, some indie books are on sale and not quite ready to be published. How do you go about promoting your book as a self-published author? Facebook, Twitter, blog, newsletter giving a free book to sign up, guest blogs, radio interviews, local newspapers, adverts on FB and Amazon, entering awards – you name it, I’ve tried it.

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